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Where's the old site?

Gone. Things didn't work out with Blitz Studio. I'm not interested in changing the site's domain name, however. It's no longer a website for video games, though Blitz Studio only published one...

What is the site about now?

This is a place for me to host my various programming projects. The current project is 64-DOS, evidently a Disk Operating System for the Commodore 64. Read on to find out more about the project.

What is the current state of development?

I'm almost done writing the terminal program (COMMAND.COM in MS-DOS). In 64-DOS, it's known as DOSTAI (Disk Operating System Terminal And Interpreter). There are a few other components that I need to get started on:

It would take more time than I'm interested in spending to explain why there are two booting stages.

Will it be available for free?

Most likely! I doubt there's a market for this kind of thing, so I'll probably release it free of charge. I might even make it open-source. But that's somewhat less likely. In any case, once it's usable, I'll provide a link for it.

What tools are being used to develop it?

Text Editor Notepad++
Programming Language MOS 6502 Assembly
Assembler DASM
Emulator Versatile Commodore Emulator
Diskette Image Editor DroiD64

Additionally, I relied heavily on a lot of reference material...

Source What I used it for
C64 Standard KERNAL Functions Identifying which addresses to JSR to in the code
C64 Memory Map Finding specific memory locations in the C64's RAM
Inside Commodore DOS Better understanding the confusing-ass 1541 disk drive
C64-Wiki Getting quick info on anything related to the Commodore 64
6502 Instruction Set Getting acquainted with the heart of the C64